Altruition Scholarship Foundation:

Altruition Scholarship Foundation (“Altruition”) owns and operates (the “Website”). Your access to and use of the Website is contingent upon your acceptance of our PRIVACY POLICY.

  • Altruition hosts all personal Student Member information on encryption protected servers located within Canada. We do not share any personal information about Student Members with any third parties except as described in this privacy policy. Instances in which we may share your personal information include:
    • As required to complete the disbursement of Scholarship Amounts to Eligible Post-Secondary Institutions; and,
    • For confirmatory purposes with VOs to which the Student Member has requested to join for the purposes of accumulating approved volunteer hours.
  • In the event that an incident report on the Website has been submitted non-anonymously by a Student Member or a VO, Altruition will obtain the consent of the submitting party before disclosing their identity to the subject party of the incident report in order to seek resolution. Further, Altruition will obtain the consent of the submitting party prior to disclosing their identity to any external authority (including to a Student Member’s family or guardian), if Altruition has deemed the incident report in question to be of a nature that requires such an intervention. In the case where Altruition, in its sole determination, believes that a crime has been committed by a Student Member or VO, Altruition will contact the applicable legal authorities.