Altruition Scholarship Foundation:
Terms and Conditions of Use

Altruition Scholarship Foundation (“Altruition”) owns and operates (the “Website”). Your access to and use of the Website is contingent upon your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) of use.

  • Application to Altruition is limited to students in Grade 10, 11, or 12 who attend public secondary schools in the province of British Columbia (a list of eligible schools is available here) and who expect to face affordability barriers in the pursuit of a post-secondary education due to family specific financial circumstances. Altruition will select students who best meet Altruition’s application criteria while also encouraging a diverse student membership. Altruition reserves the right to reject any student application at its sole discretion. Each student accepted to Altruition is a “Student Member”.
  • Student Members are eligible to earn scholarship grants through the act of volunteering with one or more Volunteer Organizations (“VOs”) engaged in community support activities within British Columbia.
  • The total amount of the scholarship grant available to a Student Member is calculated as CAD$20.00 multiplied by the number of approved volunteer hours accumulated by the Student Member during the term of their account with Altruition (“Scholarship Amount”). Approved volunteer hours are accumulated when a Student Member uses the Website to submit volunteer hours to a VO who in turn approves the submission.
  • A Student Member must accumulate a minimum of 25 approved volunteer hours during the term of their account with Altruition to be eligible for any Scholarship Amount. A Student Member may not accumulate more than 150 approved volunteer hours per student year (ending June 30th).
  • A Student Member's account will be suspended from Altruition and the Website if the Student Member fails to accumulate a minimum of 5 logged volunteer hours over any 90 day period. Following suspension, a Student Member may apply to reactivate their Altruition account, but acceptance is not guaranteed. If the suspended Student Member has previously accumulated a minimum of 25 approved volunteer hours during the term of their account with Altruition, the Student Member will still be entitled to their Scholarship Amount. If a Student Member logs 0 hours during the first 6 months from the time of their acceptance to Altruition, their account will be closed. An entirely new student application must be submitted should the Student Member wish to reapply, and the application will generally be deprioritized.
  • A Student Member must log hours volunteered to the applicable VO on the Website within 7 days of the volunteering event occurring, otherwise the hours will expire and not be eligible for a Scholarship Amount. A VO must approve or reject a Student Member's submitted hours within 30 days of submission on the Website.
  • After June 30th of a Student Member’s Grade 12 graduation year, a Student Member may apply on the Website for a scholarship to a public post-secondary school located in British Columbia to which they are enrolled (“Eligible Post-Secondary Institution”). A list of available schools is here.
  • Scholarship Amounts will be forfeited if: 
    • a Student Member opts to attend a post-secondary educational institution that is not an Eligible Post-Secondary Institution; 
    • a Student Member fails to enroll in an Eligible Post-Secondary Institution within 24 months following June 30th of the Student Member’s Grade 12 graduation year; or,
    • the Student Member fails to provide adequate evidence, at Altruition’s sole determination, of enrollment (including evidence of tuition costs) to an Eligible Post-Secondary Institution.
  • Scholarship Amounts are to be applied exclusively towards tuition expenses at Eligible Post-Secondary Institutions. Disbursement of Scholarship Amounts will be directed by Altruition. Any unused Scholarship Amounts at the time of graduation or departure from the Eligible Post-Secondary Institution will be returned to Altruition by the Eligible Post-Secondary Institution.
  • Should a Student Member receive a full scholarship to an Eligible Post-Secondary Institution, excluding any Altruition Scholarship Amount, the Student Member must contact Altruition to determine whether an alternative disbursement of the Scholarship Amount can be made in accordance with Altruition’s Constitution.
  • VO applicants may include registered Canadian charities, not-for-profits and community support organizations which operate within British Columbia. Altruition, at its sole discretion and without explanation, reserves the right to accept or reject any VO application. Generally, Altruition will deprioritize VO applicants focused on issue-based advocacy. Altruition reserves the right to limit the number of students affiliated with any single VO in the pursuit of diversity.
  • Altruition will reject VO applications from the following types of organizations:
    • Religious organizations that include the promotion of religion and proselytization as part of their charitable mandate. Exceptions are possible if Student Member volunteering activities can be demonstrated to be separate from religious activities; or,
    • For-profit enterprises, or organizations that support for-profit enterprises; or,
    • Organizations to which the Student Member (or anyone on behalf of the Student Member) pays dues; or,
    • Organizations from which the Student Member receives any financial payment or benefit, with exceptions possible in certain circumstances; or,
    • Schools.
    • Organizations where the Student Member is involved in the management of the organization, or where the management of the organization is composed of secondary school students.
  • A VO may only approve hours submitted by a Student Member which are directly related to activities overseen and administered by the VO.
  • In the case of a dispute between a Student Member and a VO based on hours submitted by the Student Member and hours approved or rejected by the VO, Altruition will only grant Scholarship Amounts to Student Members for VO-approved volunteer hours.
  • During the use of Altruition, should a Student Member or VO observe behaviour believed to be unusual or concerning, they are encouraged to report such concerns to Altruition though the Report an Incident Website function.
  • At its sole determination, Altruition reserves the right to cancel the account, including the revocation of the Scholarship Amount, of a Student Member or a VO who in Altruition’s judgment has acted contrary to any Terms or has partaken in any unbecoming activity independent of Altruition which Altruition deems to be in violation of Altruition’s standards and mission.
  • Except through the Website, Altruition does not introduce Student Members to VOs, or vice versa. As such, Student Members acknowledge that Altruition has no influence or control over any VOs' operations, standards, or behaviour, including but not limited to its licensing, insurance coverage or safety protocols. Altruition is not responsible for any harm visited upon a Student Member by a VO, or vice versa. 
  • Altruition may use any Student Member’s first name, geographic location, and Scholarship Amount in materials for the purposes of advertising, media coverage or donor solicitation. For the same purposes, Altruition may on occasion contact Student Members individually to request additional detail of the Student Member’s personal story, which the Student Member may unilaterally refuse to provide.